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The Cat Says

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I was born in the woods of a wild Kentucky backlot. At some point I was chased by a Giant who kidnapped me. I've been transported in bags, boxes and cars and some how, now live in the North where the winters are cold.

It has left me bitter.

all photos are copyright of the photographers. Please let respect those rights. Please post a comment if you would
like to use them. It would be much nicer for you to just post a link than use the photos without asking. thanks


About Those Guest Cats
The Woman says:
This photo-journal will occasionally feature Guest Cats.
Friends of The Woman will get preferences (ie, the slight possibility of getting more photos posted or posted first) but not everyone wants to be friends of The Woman. Thus, eventually other cats may get featured here. If you want to let us know what YOUR cat says, then friend The Cat, and ask nicely in a post. There are a few requirements though:

ONE photo per LJ user.* These will need to be 500 x ? on the longest side. Post a reply here if you have questions. You must have a url I can link it too... flickr, photobucket or something. I would really like the text in black or white (black with a white border) using Times New Roman Font.

The photos would need to contain a caption....
in the style of "The cat says"
ie: like the 2 example there. In the upper corner the phrase:
"The cat says"

and somewhere down below a Short phrase of just a few words. It would be great if it were funny, or just strange.

Also realize this is not a community. It is a private Journal. There are no obligations The Cat has to anyone but himself. The cat and the woman both appreciate good photos... focused, sharp, clear and well exposed. If you have one and would like to have it featured... please make a comment in the cat's LJ.

*About the one photo per lj-user:

1. The cat may on occasion post more photos of Guest Cats she knows. It will be entirely at the discretion of The Cat. The cat doesn't want to have to deal with 101 shots of other cats.

2. If you have multiple cats.. you can ask the cat to post more photos of your cats. IE: "Dear Cat, I have three little furballs. Here are 3 urls of photos with the caption "the cat says"... can you please post them if you like them?". 1 cat = 1 photo. 2 cats = 2 photos. 19 cats = you are insane.. don't come near me.

3. Only photos *YOU* have taken are allowed.

4. Please let other people know if you've been featured by The Cat. This will help spread the word and when a website goes live, then hopefully it will help other cats. How you ask? see the Big Bold Note below.

Big Bold Note:
If you work for / at an animal shelter... please contact The Woman by leaving a comment. Possibly we can help arrange something or at least provide links for you. Maybe some very sweet "the cat says" photos might help your cats find homes.