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23 January 2007 @ 05:41 pm
so.  Just another quick update.

An lj friend pointed us to a site that led to another site and then suddenly The Woman was looking here at HENRY
who seems to be very likely the cat of Mom's dreams.    He's been looking after the people at PAWS  - People Animal Welfare Society of Toronto.  The PAWS people have been very nice - and are even offering to bring Henry over to meet Mom on the weekend.  Henry has a bit of a tragic past.. but not so bad.  He still likes people.  And dogs, and other cats.  

Mom's quite exicted. Very excited.  Henry sounds like a good match.  Youngish enough to meet her Young Cat requirements... but not a Kitten.  Not a tiger cat either (tabby) since Moms not keen on Tabby cats (crazy!).  Handsome - at least in the photo.  He's had his shots, been fixed and all that jazz.   Black and white cat with a little black button nose.  How cute is that?  
The Cat says: very cute!

The woman at PAWS has even offered to bring Henry to mom's.  Now that is really very nice.  He'll be coming on Saturday to have his introduction.  The Woman is excited.  oh very very excited.  The Mom is excited.  Very Very.    Even The Giant seems very keen.  

The Woman has been impressed with the PAWS Toronto Adoption people.  They've been excellent at their customer service:  returning calls, discussing the various candidates....   They are really good with email.  This has been a very positive thing in the opinion of The Woman.  They are enthusiastic without being crazy... and we've spent a lot of time discussing various Cats.    The woman who runs PAWS has been very good.  She ranks HIGH in the customer Service sector as far as The Woman is concerned.  Clearly, cats are her big concern.  She spent a while discussing the various diets, histories, health and personalities.

So stay tuned.  A new cat is on the horizon.  More updates about Henry soon.  He'll be dropping by for a visit on Saturday.
19 January 2007 @ 02:31 pm
Fluffy's on the roof working on your shingles.

Fluffy is a beautiful feral cat who owns the family of The Giant.  The Cat was born around those parts, but avoided the roof.  Not Fluffy!
Fluffy climbs up to the roof along with other cats and all hang out.  Mike Holmes  should really spend more time finding out the real cause of roofing problems.  Some people might blame racoons or squirrels...
but The Cat knows the Truth.
Now you do too.

18 January 2007 @ 04:23 pm
Quick!  update!

As the days go by it seems more and more likey Mom will be finding herself with A Cat.   The Woman has been in contact with various Animal Rescue shelters around town.  She seems quite determined to find Just The Right Cat for Mom.    Mom in the meantime has said she is no longer interested so much in Kittens (who might jump on her head) - but adult cats with nice personalities.

There are several candidates.  More info to come!
11 January 2007 @ 03:37 pm
What would any site be without a Monty Python reference?  The skit of course starts out with a frightfully witty song.  

The Beast, who came by the name honestly, lives in the wildlands of Kentucky.  As The Woman has called it, "Kentucky, Land of Giants".  
The Beast  loves children.  Roasted. Stewed.  Even raw.  He will eat them for a snack, preferably at midnight.  The Beast owns "shadow walker" and SylverTabby (both of whom don't have LJ's but do read The Cat Says).

The Beast loves to eat SylverTabby's meatloaf.  After a few pounds of it he likes to digest before starting on breakfast.

10 January 2007 @ 10:21 am
The wicked plan is in motion!

The Woman's mother called last night and announced she wanted:
 A Cat!

The Woman began to tremble.  "Mom, you've never had a pet in your life!"
"Your father had a dog.*  You had birds.  I want a lovely SWEET Little Kitten."
"Do you know it will grow up and become Pure Evil?" The Woman said with in a shaking voice.  "It will become (deep breath!) A Cat!"
"Well, I raised you.  And I looked after The Cat before."  Dramatic pause.  "I want a Cat!"

You see, The Mother of The Woman is lonely.  She lives in a small apartment and paints beautiful landscapes.  She doesn't travel as much as she used to and she really likes The Cat.   She is set and determined to get A Kitten.   

The Woman called Mom today.  She barely slept a wink thinking all night about kittens and cats.  She listened to The Cat scamper down the hallways, scratch the old grey carpet, and crunch his food.  She imagined her mother sitting alone in her apartment through the long winter.  And then she thought of her mother petting The Cat.  The Cat liked Mom.  

The Woman stared out the window and wondered: Would her mother get bored by a cat? 
Would her mother decide that a kitten Jumping on her head in the Middle of the Night wasn't Cute?  
perhaps after the 20th time the novelty might wear thin.
Would she then decide to give away A Cat because it was too much trouble?   
The possiblity is there... but on a good note it seems my cousin would be willing to take on any cat that my mother would decide is too much trouble.***

"Mom," said The Woman this morning.  "Are you still absolutely positive you want a Cat?"
"A *kitten*!  Or a Young Cat.  Nothing too old.  And not one of those tiger cats.**  A pretty cat.  And it's got to be healthy too."
"You know kittens are a lot of work.  They jump around a lot.  They will jump on your head.  They will gallop.  They will chew."
"Well, find me a lazy kitten."
"Hmmm," said The Woman.  "I don't believe they exist.  Perhaps one that is a bit older?  One that might have already been spayed."
"Oh. Hm.  Spayed."  Something Mom hadn't considered.   "Yes!  That could work.  As long as its pretty.  Not one of those Ugly Cats.  And i don't want a long haired cat either.  Nor one with a squishy face.  FIND ME A YOUNG CAT!"

so.  The Woman is contacting the Annex Cat Rescue  first and "feeling them out" about adoption of a single-youngish-not-ugly-non-squooshyfaced, short haired non-tabby LAZY Kitten. 

Let the Chaos BEGIN!


The CAT!

The Woman gladly solicts any advice, suggestion etc on the above entry. 
*more than 30 yrs ago.
** Tabby-cats, which for some reason, Mom thinks are More Evil than the Average Evil Cat.
*** by the sound of it, my cousin is looking for an excuse to get a cat, and even said she would help my mom, and that mom should find a youngish cat so that she can bring it to my cousins house to "meet the dogs". My cousin had a cat and 2 dogs back in Australia.. The Woman is wondering if this is some plot of The Cousin's to aquire a cat... but then my cousin is actually a cat lover... so she'd prob just be happy if everyone owned a cat.
06 January 2007 @ 11:15 am

The Woman's been complaining about her net access.  The Cat doesn't care much at all for her problems.  Anyway, the humans are off to purchase a new wirelesss router today or something.  This should make updates easier.

This mouthful of fangs owns cinnabari.  and also owns nous_athanatos.  

Obviously it takes at least two humans and another cat to keep Pixie under control.   Yes, rumour is there is another Black Cat somewhere in that house... even larger!  The Cat Says this post should be brought to you by global warming.  Here's to the warmest January so far that Toronto has seen.  No real sunshine yet, but The Cat will definately stay away from Pixie's sunbeam.

Move Humans! The Cat wants sun!


                               snarl!                                                                                                                        hiss!

31 December 2006 @ 09:31 pm

I'm well on my way to fulfilling my resolutions for 2007.  
The Cat Says:  Happy New Year to all of you.  The humans are currently getting drunk and trying to make home-made tortilla's.  They keep saying "cardboard".  Who knows if they'll make it to count down 2007?  
Which ever one passes out first gets "christened".


24 December 2006 @ 09:50 pm
The Woman, The Giant and The Cat would like to wish you all a Happy Holiday - or Holiday of Your Choice.  The Cat has received many Christmas Gifts from The Woman's mother.  Catnip packets, springy toys, fuzzy balls and Mice.  The Cat cares not for Christmas, but the treats are very good.    

The Cat loves getting stoned on catnip and biting the heads off mice for the holidays...  so may you all do the same!


22 December 2006 @ 04:52 pm

The Cat is excited.  Skippity skippity cat.
The Cat got mail!  

He tried to tell the people this morning that they should check their mail box.  He tried to wake them at 3am
so they could wait outside for the postal worker to drop off his mail.   Instead he had to wait, meowing til he received his mail.


many thanks from The Cat to



the beautiful catly card has a special place on the fridge, and it barely has any teethmarks at all!

19 December 2006 @ 09:31 am
Now doesn't that sound like a tabloid headline?  vampire cat drains family...
One pint of blood!
Twooo!  Two pints of blood!