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21 February 2007 @ 10:40 am
Cat Quiz!  
In yesterday's post (The Woman is Still Hypnotized!  Loves that photo) there was a comment that was made regarding where Marcy and Loki came from.  This set The Woman to thinking, and wondering and thinking some more. 

Here's a little quiz for you all.  Its short, because we are all busy - no doubt chasing cats, thinking about cats, dreaming of what the little furry maniacs are planning next. 

The Cat's Quiz!

1. How many cats in your house?
2. Where did you get your cat? Was it a shelter, pet shop, present on the porch?  Did it come attached to a spouse?
3. What do you consider your cat's quirkiest habit?
4. How did your cats end up with their human names?  

that's all.  Its a good way to get to know you all.

The Cat.
Carla: Queen Marcyhunnyfreak on February 21st, 2007 05:25 pm (UTC)
1. Two supreme overlords

2. Shelter kitties! (See note at the bottom of this)

3. Loki always has her nose in Marcy's butt. It's embarrasing really.
Marcy likes sleeping in my arms like an infant. Seriously. She will lay there for hours if I let her. On her back, bunny paws in the front , back legs spread out (such a lady I know) ans snoring away.

4. Marcy was the name given to her by the girls at the shelter and it just seemed to suit her, she also seemed to respond to it right away so... Loki's shelter name was, "Florence" and that didn't last a second. We named Loki after the Nordic God of Mischief. Totally appropriate for her ;P

Note:I forgot to mention in my profile, the Edmonton Humane Society will not adopt out any animal until it they spay and neuter the animal. Here to spay/neuter a cat is around $200-250 but to adopt a cat that the Humane society neuters is only $100. Why go to a store and buy a cat/kitten then pay for a $300+ vet visit when the Shelter charges you $100.00 for a cat already spayed, first set of shot and They Pay for the first vet visit you take them too?!?
the_cat_saysthe_cat_says on February 23rd, 2007 03:05 pm (UTC)
The Cat says I think you've got an excellent point as to why people should adopt via a shelter or rescue. Makes sense! If possible of course... sometimes cats just find the people who they like.

I've got a mental image now of why Marcy looks so surprised in your guest cat shot! LOL.

Loki is a fab name for a cat.
Cinnabari: pookacinnabari on February 21st, 2007 05:45 pm (UTC)
1. Two.

2. Pooka was a pet store purchase (yes, I know, I know! Bad! In my defense, he was from a local litter, not a kitten-mill) Pixie came with nous_athanatos, and she was a shelter rescue.

3. Pooka plays fetch with paper balls. Only paper balls. Preferrably freshly crumpled. And when he's tired of the game, he drowns them in his water dish. ...And only the paper balls, of all his toys, meet this watery end (though in his kittenhood, he would subject those terry cloth ponytail holders to that fate as well. He was partial to the purple ones).

4. When I first saw Pooka, he was batting at his reflection in a metal water dish. He reminded me of the Irish púca... water faery who'd as soon drown you as anything. Why a five week old kitten made me think of malicious otherworldly beings who drown the unwitting... prescience, maybe, since the first time he got hold of paper ball, that's exactly what he did with it.
Carla: Stoned Lokihunnyfreak on February 21st, 2007 05:57 pm (UTC)
And when he's tired of the game, he drowns them in his water dish. LMAO!!! that is awesome!
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~*Am*~: Butters and Felixdorkarella00 on February 21st, 2007 05:58 pm (UTC)
1. How many cats in your house? 2 for the moment

2. Where did you get your cat? Was it a shelter, pet shop, present on the porch? Did it come attached to a spouse? Well I had Felx's mom at one time, so she gave me Felix. Then about a month or so after we had our house fire and had to give up most of our cats we got Butters.

3. What do you consider your cat's quirkiest habit? Ummm Felix can open doors, no for real. She will stand on a table by the bedroom door and take her paws to the door handle and move it and open it. She cant shut it tho. Butters doesnt really have any. Well besides when we throw her mouse she will bring it back and want you to throw it again. She thinks that she is a dog...

4. How did your cats end up with their human names? Well Butterscotch isnt a human name lol. But we named her that cuz her coat is orange. Felix we named for my brother, he loves Felix the cat (the chartoon). So we named one of our cats for him:)
the_cat_saysthe_cat_says on February 23rd, 2007 03:10 pm (UTC)
its an important thing this opening of doors. The Woman no longer locks the bathroom door because The Cat will only try harder to get in.

Now she says, if only we could teach them to pick locks!

Butters is a great name. and flavor. Felix the Cat is of course an excellent chartoon!
tash_n_tail: Ayevatash_n_tail on February 21st, 2007 06:15 pm (UTC)
The Cat's Quiz!

1. How many cats in your house?


2. Where did you get your cat? Was it a shelter, pet shop, present on the porch? Did it come attached to a spouse?

Prior to coming to live with me, Ayeva lived in our back garden with her beau. I thought they belonged to our neighbours. Eighteen months later she had kittens and was obviously an outside cat belonging to no one. I started feeding the whole clan -- before this I was dishing out my employer's scraps to the "foxes"!

Late in August 2002 Ayeva disappeared for three days. When she finally showed up, she hissed at her beau and kittens strode into the breakfast parlour and ravened her way through three cans of food. Threw herself in front of the gas fire and fell asleep.

3. What do you consider your cat's quirkiest habit?

"Saving" me from my showers and baths!

4. How did your cats end up with their human names?

I was studying 16thC Indian textiles at the time and had done some research into the various Royal Courts in India at the time Ayeva came into my life, I also keep thinking of Burma when I looked at her. Her name is a corruption of a Royal Indian House, some Victorian romances and made-up.

Hey she's the princess of my life!
the_cat_saysthe_cat_says on February 23rd, 2007 03:13 pm (UTC)
it must be quite a struggle to get saved daily from showers and baths! She must think you mad to be wanting to go into that horrible water.

The Cat suggests:
don't bathe. Tis a weird human habit. Try licking yourself clean.

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cisforcorrie on February 21st, 2007 06:30 pm (UTC)
1. Two kitties right now, unfortunately my female cat died last November so I did have three

2. Max - I was in a drugstore shopping and two little girls came in with a box with three kittens inside. They begged the patrons of the shop to take them, as their dad had said he'd kill any that were brought home. I took the fuzzy black and white one, and two other shoppers took the others.

Boudreau - a stray that showed up in my sister's backyard

3. Max - Every night when Max gets into bed with me, he jumps up onto the lower left hand side of the bed, then walks the perimetre of the mattress, up to the head, across the top, down to the right hand corner, then back to the jump on spot. Does it everynight, always goes the same direction.

Boudreau - he is the plastic bag lickingist cat I have ever met in my whole life.

4. Max - had many, many names until my roomie's sister picked him up and said "Hug a Mug of Max Cat", and the name stuck.

Boudreau - watching television, a woman came on and said "Hi, My name is Karen Boudreau", the kitten said "meow". I asked him if he like the name Boudreau, he looked at me and said "meow", so he's been Boudreau ever since.

Robyn B.: what?newschick on February 21st, 2007 09:08 pm (UTC)
Ugh, Seamus LOVES plastic bags. I don't get it! He'll search them out, even pulls out drawers to get at them. What the heck?
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(Deleted comment)
the_cat_saysthe_cat_says on February 23rd, 2007 03:28 pm (UTC)
The Woman was thinking of you when she said "attached to a spouse!". heh.

HOW could the Spouse now remember? its such an unusual name! Has he read: "His Dark Materials" by Pullman? Or perhaps the Xman comic link. Poke his brain with a stick.

them spouses!
freshly squeezed: The Izzard.decim on February 21st, 2007 07:14 pm (UTC)
1. How many cats in your house? One.

2. Where did you get your cat? Was it a shelter, pet shop, present on the porch? Did it come attached to a spouse? Oliver is from a program where pet shops 'feature' shelter kittens.

3. What do you consider your cat's quirkiest habit? Either his love/hate relationship with water (i.e. he will jump in the tub and play in the shower aftermath of water, but freaks out the minute the tap is turned on), or his obsession with people who throw up. For reals. I was recently damn sick, and Oliver would come RUNNING whenever he heard me start to hurk. He was so close to my mouth (!) that my boyfriend had to take him away, for fear of him being covered in gross. He also was really interested in (what my boyfriend and I call) my puke pail afterwards.

4. How did your cats end up with their human names? He got it from Oliver & Co. - a Disney story about a stray tabby who ends up living with rich people. D:
Eobsidiabuttrfly on February 22nd, 2007 12:41 am (UTC)
I hate to be mean, but the thought of your cat trying to climb inside your mouth whilst you puke is cracking me up...
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shark_girl: 3 babiesshark_girl on February 21st, 2007 07:30 pm (UTC)
1. 6 cats
2. The eldest 3 were born in my house, the next one was from a litter my daughter's friend's cat had, the next one was a rescue, and the youngest came to me at work as a tiny scrap of a thing that needed hand raising and had been found in the gutter
3. My youngest must be touching me at all times. Right now she is on the desk in front of the monitor, and her paw is resting on my hand, moving with me as I type
4. I named the first 3, my chatroom friends named the next one (I polled them), my daughter named the youngest two
the_cat_saysthe_cat_says on February 23rd, 2007 03:36 pm (UTC)
Found in a gutter! This is almost tragic. Thank goodness you were kind enough to share your love. How wonderful to have cats born in your house... tis a kitten blessing you know.
-Larry-: Bustopher and Me on Feb 2006lordlnyc on February 21st, 2007 07:54 pm (UTC)
1. How many cats in your house?

Currently this is only ONE king at my place

2. Where did you get your cat? Was it a shelter, pet shop, present on the porch? Did it come attached to a spouse?

I got “Bustopher” from a former roommate of mine. She "gave" him to me to keep me company when she moved out. I have been owned by him ever since ;-)

3. What do you consider your cat's quirkiest habit?

His trying to climb up the walls.

4. How did your cats end up with their human names?

The roommate gave him the name. He reminded her of one of the characters in the play “CATS” (Bustopher Jones).
the_cat_saysthe_cat_says on February 23rd, 2007 03:40 pm (UTC)
Walls to climb and conquer!
One is the king! You well seem to know your place!
Bustoper tries to climb walls? Seriously that is wild. I've got a mental image of you coming home and finding him halfway up the wall now! LOL, no doubt looking at you and saying: what?
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Robyn B.: kitty fightnewschick on February 21st, 2007 08:59 pm (UTC)
1. Currently we have two cats in the house, although only one is ours (we're cat-sitting for my parents for three weeks, so I'll include sweet Mocha in this too)

2. Seamus came from a store in PEI that took in local strays and unwanted kittens - Seamus and his two siblings were the latter.
Mocha, on the other hand, was a stray. My sister was actually the one to tame him and make him ours.

3. Seamus has many odd habits. He used to play with small furry toy mice, and then leave them all (about six of them) in the shower at the end of the day when he was done. He also gets very lonely in the middle of the night, and wakes me up around 12:30 without fail (although not when Mocha's here, thankfully!) just to watch him eat. He doesn't wake my husband up when I'm away, it's only me.
Mocha likes to play shadows on the dining room wall while my parents are eating. He has them very well trained to actually stop the meal, turn on or off the appropriate lights, and make little shadow puppets on the wall for him to chase.

4. Seamus got his name because I wanted something PEI-ish so he'd never forget his roots. It was either going to be something French or celtic, and I've always liked the name Seamus. I still call him Miscouche sometimes though (it's a little town just outside Summerside, where I lived)
Mocha got his name, I believe, based purely on his colour - he's black, but in just the right light he's actually an extremely dark brown with tabby stripes.
the_cat_saysthe_cat_says on February 23rd, 2007 03:44 pm (UTC)
The Woman thinks its hysterical that Mocha has your parents stop eating and make shadow puppets. That should be in a movie! I think we had a discussion once on the lovely choice of Seamus as a name.

How do you pronouce: Miscouche?

Mocha sounds a bit like Cinnabari's cat colour too. So dark brown tis nearly black!
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Stephanie: End of Worldfalkie on February 21st, 2007 09:02 pm (UTC)
1. Two cats, Jupiter and Aikanaro

2. A pregnant cat was dumped off in my yard. She gave birth to four kittens, but only two survived and we took them in. We're still trying to catch the mama cat, she hates humans now.

3. One of them, Jupiter, loves to bat at the water in the dish with one paw, then scoops it up and licks the water off his paw. The other one, Aikanaro loves to sit on the top step of the stairs and looks at me like, "What? You want to go downstairs?"

4. Jupiter was named so because of his fluffy orange fur. Aikanaro is elvish for hellfire, which Aikanaro was a definite hellcat until we got him tamed. Although he's still a hellcat when bathtime comes around. He bites.
the_cat_saysthe_cat_says on February 23rd, 2007 04:10 pm (UTC)
Aikanaro is elvish for hellfire! Ouch!

Poor mama cat.. Nasty humans dumping her off.. then someone taking the surviving kittens. Her trust levels are probably quite low. Its a hard life as an outdoor cat - especially if she's going to be having more kittens in the future. poor mama.
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gi_jules on February 21st, 2007 10:42 pm (UTC)
1. How many cats in your house?
There are currently three cats letting us stay at their place.

2. Where did you get your cat? Was it a shelter, pet shop, present on the porch? Did it come attached to a spouse?
Catnip was one of the zillion kittens dumped on Miami Beach, which is where I found her and Lumpy. Got Radar from a friend who had four kittens they had to give away. Ferris came from a local shelter, but we actually picked him up at PetsMart.

3. What do you consider your cat's quirkiest habit?
Catnip, even at 16, jumps up on me when I'm not looking so she can climb up and sit on my shoulder. Radar rolls over on her back and shows her belly, but closes up like a venus fly trap and tries to tear your hand off if you actually try to pet it. Ferris likes to dunk things in the water dish. Scrunchies, pipe cleaners, toy mice, rolled-up socks, small stuffed animals. The cat ain't right.

4. How did your cats end up with their human names?
Catnip got her name because she acts like she's always on drugs. When Radar was little, her ears were not. Ferris Bueller was named Victor by the shelter - and he was almost Obi-Wan - but Ferris Bueller's Day Off is reytheist's favorite movie, so that's what he ended up with. It fits.
the_cat_saysthe_cat_says on February 23rd, 2007 04:14 pm (UTC)
I always wondered where Radar got his name! Its really hard to imagine Catnip is 16 from the photos! How much does Catnip weigh? It must be difficult to have a big cat on your shoulders. Makes the painting really hard to do. lol.

The Cat dunks mice. I wouldn't let him get near rolled-up socks if that is what might happen!

Ferris is much better a fit than Victor.
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Julia...julia_michelle on February 21st, 2007 11:44 pm (UTC)
1. How many cats in your house?

2. Where did you get your cat? Was it a shelter, pet shop, present on the porch? Did it come attached to a spouse?
Nya was found a block away on the streets. I watched her for a few days, and she was literally skin and bones. Asked around and no one knew if she belonged to anyone, so she came home with me. Buddy was a porch present, specifically two little girls knocking on the front door in the pouring rain asking if we knew where the tiny five week old kitten they were holding belonged. They couldn't take him home, so in he came.

3. What do you consider your cat's quirkiest habit?
Nya doesn't really have any quirky habits... every now and then she'll realise that there is more to the day than sleeping and looking pretty and will TEAR around the house like her tail is on fire, chasing invisible bugs.

Buddy is a meooooower. Like at rediculous times for no apparent reason. I've been trying to find a way for this to stop, specially now that we're moving.

4. How did your cats end up with their human names?
Nya just fit. I went through a few names, seeing how she reacted to them, and how they felt to say, and Nya worked. Buddy was Matt's decision. I begged and begged for MONTHS for him to agree to change it. Sometimes I still beg. I'd rather it be anything but Buddy. But Matt refuses to budge.
the_cat_saysthe_cat_says on February 23rd, 2007 04:20 pm (UTC)
wow! the Woman found birds when she was a kid. She would have been thrilled to discover a kitten - though its rather sad thinking of a 5wk old kitten wandering.

The Cat gets The Friskies and often tears around the house. There are hardwood floors with srabbling-cat marks around the corners.

Sounds like Matt really likes the name Buddy! Them fellas and their ideas. Any reason why?
abbybeth on February 22nd, 2007 12:32 am (UTC)
1. only one pricess holds court in this apartment!

2. One of my best friends knew I was in the market for a young cat/kitten/healthy feline. Her uncle is a vet. Someone dumped a couple of kittens off at his practice. He told her, she told me, they sent me pictures. His vet practice was close to my boyfriend's parents house and I adopted her Thanksgiving weekend - she's definitely a rescue baby. She had a URI when I got her and was only 6 weeks old - now she's 4 months and fabulous!

3. She likes to bite my nose when I'm not doing any number of things that she thinks I should be doing. She chatters at me when I get home from work.

4. Zoe (it's supposed to have the 2 dots over the e, but my computer is refusing to do it) kind of just happened. She went almsot a week without a name because nothing "fit". The aforementioned friend in question 1 and I were discussing names and Zoe struck us as a spunky, mod girl name with an independent streak ... it fits her!
the_cat_saysthe_cat_says on February 26th, 2007 02:46 pm (UTC)
I absolutely agree with the name. It just seems perfect: spunky and mod with an independent streak :D

Tis very sweet she chatters to you when you get home. Probably asking you all kinds of questions no doubt, and telling you all about her day. Tis a terrible thing that someone would just dump off the kittens... I suppose though it is far better a place to send them vs some of the other places kittens get abandoned at.
Eobsidiabuttrfly on February 22nd, 2007 12:33 am (UTC)
1. How many cats in your house?
There are currently three.

2. Where did you get your cat? Was it a shelter, pet shop, present on the porch? Did it come attached to a spouse?
The oldest of the cats was adopted from the local Humane Society during a special event in which they attempted to get all of the surrendered animals adopted over one weekend. (The Woman saw the event being promoted on the evening news and went in the next morning.) She was the last kitten left and I thought it best to bring a kitten into the home that, at that time, had one very large Labrador who might frighten and annoy a larger cat.
As the previously mentioned Labrador grew older, The Woman realized that she was going to have to put her darling dog to sleep in the near future. She didn't want The Cat (#1) to get lonely, so she decided to get another fuzzy creature to keep her company. Since a puppy was likely to upset The Dog, it was decided that a kitten would be best, as The Cat was more likely to accept the kitten. Some people say that female cats do better if you bring in a male cat, so the gender was thusly decided. And the black couch demanded an animal that would match. The Woman attempted to get The Cat (#2) at the same local Humane Society, but they had no kittens available. She then headed to a local pet shop that specializes in puppies but occasionally has kittens available. She found a pile of kittens. The first one she pulled out had mittens (an extra digit that makes the paws look like mittens) and it creeped her out a bit, so she looked back at the pile and The Cat (#2) looked up at her and meowed his little "hello." The Woman was hooked (and delighted to find that he was a he and that he didn't have mittens) and The Cat (#2) found his home.
When The Woman was with The Ex, he kept insisting that he wanted A Cat of his own, saying that The Cats (#1 and #2) would never really be his, since they grew up without him. The Ex found a kitten by a dumpster one day and The Woman agreed that they couldn't leave it there. The kitten was very sick and The Woman did everything she could, but the kitten passed away. Shortly thereafter, The Woman took The Ex to pick out The Cat (#3) from a rescue organization. Although The Cat (#3) was an anniversary gift, he wasn't going anywhere when The Woman and The Ex parted ways. Believe me, The Cat (#3) couldn't be happier.

3. What do you consider your cat's quirkiest habit?
The Cat (#1) will scream at you when she's hungry, then run away when you attempt to feed her. The Cat (#2) likes to chew on the drawstring of pants or scrubs or whatever item of clothing has a drawstring. He also likes to eat tape. The Cat (#3) gets very upset if The Woman attempts to care for The Chinchillas without him. He likes to help.

4. How did your cats end up with their human names?
The Cat (#1) had very large ears and a very loud scream when she was a kitten. (The screaming hasn't changed...) She was going to be called Columbia after the Rocky Horror Picture Show character. Instead, a friend suggested "Elf" and The Woman thought the idea was perfect. Over time, it has come to be Missy Miss Elf and sometimes Elfie Lou.
The Cat (#2) had a name selected before he was even seen. It was to be Sir Yves Clau, with Yves being pronounced with a Spanish twist as "Yeves." Of course, the name was a bit over-whelming, so he was called just Yves and then just Y. His name is Myster Y, but he is still primarily called Y.
The Cat (#3) was named French Fry when he was adopted. The name was ridiculous and then The Ex picked out an equally ridiculous name. The Cat (#3) picked his own name by squinting at us constantly. Squinty is shortened dramatically to "Squint."
the_cat_saysthe_cat_says on February 26th, 2007 07:08 pm (UTC)
finally getting a chance to reply! busy on the weekend and I've been trying to respond to these in order. :D

I like all the stories of how your cats aquired you. The Woman likes multi-toed cats, but she's a peculiar banana at the best of times. And some kittens just *know* you are the person they want. Glad you listened.

I like Squint. Funny name, and sounds perfectly suited. The Woman sometimes calls The Cat: Mr Cat. Elfie Lou makes The Woman giggle.

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All Natural Cat Foodjolt_blue on February 22nd, 2007 01:27 am (UTC)
1. Two Yin and Yang
2. Mikka(black) from the SPCA, Jazz(siamese) was born in my old house
3. Mikka...loves human food, he has the puss in boots look down pat for whenever he catches a whiff of human food,
Jazz...plays fetch with pipecleaners.
4. Jazz, just kind of happend. One day I started calling him Jazz and it stuck. Mikka was a derivitive of Mica which is a black stone...
starbuckmhdoyoulikebread on February 22nd, 2007 01:32 am (UTC)
A lurker coming up to the plate
1. How many cats in your house?

One, he's big enough for two....

2. Where did you get your cat? Was it a shelter, pet shop, present on the porch? Did it come attached to a spouse?

AK's story sounds like the start of a B Movie:
He was born in a trailer park, and wanderd away to a different trailer when he was still tiny. The people there could keep a kitten, so they gave him to a pizza boy as a tip. The pizza boy brought him home, but after a few weeks allergies kicked in, so he was given to me thru a mutual friend of Pizza Boy.

3. What do you consider your cat's quirkiest habit?

He sucks, literally. He was weened to early, so when he wants attention or is very content he'll start sucking on my arm or hand. It's a very shocking way to be woken up.
He also has a habit of lying about 6 inches from his water bowl, reaching his paw out to dip it in the water, then licking it off his paw.

4. How did your cats end up with their human names?

AK is short for Attack Kitten. There was a commercial on at the time. I'm weird. He'd had so many names (Muffin, Fluffy, GANDALF!) that he really only reacted to "Cat" "Kitty" or "Kitten" so I figured, why fight it.
BTW, he's the worst attack cat ever, he's scared of my house mates rat.
the_cat_saysthe_cat_says on February 26th, 2007 02:19 pm (UTC)
Re: A lurker coming up to the plate
Hi! I'm finally able to reply.. its been busy around here.
First: thanks for delurking. It never occured to The Cat that there would be others reading. heh.

That's one of the best stories of a "how i got my cat" I've ever heard! I cannot imagine giving a cat as a tip, but perhaps it would be a good way of fostering kittens. Who can resist a kitten?

I adore your user icon. I take it that is AK? Great shot... and such beautiful colour!

Glupayaglupaya on February 22nd, 2007 04:48 am (UTC)
1. How many cats in your house?

Two now. Down from a high of four at one time :)

2. Where did you get your cat? Was it a shelter, pet shop, present on the porch? Did it come attached to a spouse?

Hugo came from a vet school-she was called "neuro kitty" due to neurological problems, so they gave her to me, a neuroscience grad student wanting a kitty. She was 3 weeks old when I got her :) My first pet-and I got to bottle feed her.

Charles came from a humane society. His mom and litter mates came in together, and he was the last one remaining--even the mom had been adopted. He had recently been moved to the no kill long term area, due to his "personality" (somewhat feral)

3. What do you consider your cat's quirkiest habit?
Charles-he's fairly normal. Lately, though, he's become fixated staring down a hole in our kitchen floor (goes to crawlspace). One day, we came home and there were little smears of blood on the floor. Cat was unscathed, so prolly not his blood...since then, he spends nearly all day and night...watching the hole....waiting..

Hugo is deaf, and has "issues". she LOVES water..when you flush the toilet she tries to jump in and "catch" the water. Every mornign when I wash my face, brush teeth, Im fighting for the water coming out of the faucet with her :) Her way of greeting you..sniffs your face and then LICKS that little area of your nose..the skin part between the nostrils. it feels ODD.

4. How did your cats end up with their human names? Charles was given his name by the shelter. Hugo was named after victor hugo by a roomie of mine..when we thought the kitty was male (it IS hard to tell at 3 weeks). By the time we figured out she was female, we also knew she was deaf, so it hardly seemed worth it to change a name she'd never hear :)
the_cat_saysthe_cat_says on February 26th, 2007 02:37 pm (UTC)
The Cat has been staring at the space under the stove for about a year now. He caught a mouse there once and has been waiting for a reappearance ever since. He was the happiest cat in the world when he got it. Makes The Woman sad since she's pretty certain there isn't going to be another mouse any time soon.

Was the deafness part of the neurological problems? The Woman's brother knew a cat that had suffered brain damage from getting stuck in the back of a truck that was transporting some smelly chemicals. Ever since then that cat moved in Slooooow Motion. Otherwise he was basically okay - but just a slow-motion kitty. Everything from jumping to pooping was done at 1/4 speed.

I think its amazing you got to bottle feed Hugo!
Airiddh1: ziggykittenairiddh1 on February 22nd, 2007 01:52 pm (UTC)
1. How many cats in your house?
Sadly at the moment none - Ziggy has been gone 6 months this week after 18 happy years, but I think we shall have a new boss soon

2. Where did you get your cat? Was it a shelter, pet shop, present on the porch? Did it come attached to a spouse?
Ziggy was advertised 'free to good home' from a lady who bred labradors. My sister got him as an early Christmas present in November 1988. She had wanted a hamster but my mum was scared of them so a cat was the compromise! We already had 2 dogs - one of wgich was a lab, so Ziggy was not at ALL scared of her when he came to rule over us. When we went to get him he was one of 3 kittens - the other 2 had already found homes tho - and just the wee b&w was left - how ANYBODY could've overlooked him I'll never know! We got the best by far!

3. What do you consider your cat's quirkiest habit?
He liked to wash the labs ears and 'groom' my hair. He was also partial to watching snooker on TV

4. How did your cats end up with their human names?
I am a HUGE Bowie fan, but it was actually my mum that came up with Ziggy Stardust as he had a tiny white tip on his black tail which she called his 'stardust'. No one believes it wasn't me! I since discovered that every Bowie fan on the panet has a cat called Ziggy - but I'm sure mines was the best one!
polyhymnia gene marie mundactyl: mariepolycat on February 23rd, 2007 02:16 am (UTC)
1. How many cats in your house?

2. Where did you get your cat? Was it a shelter, pet shop, present on the porch? Did it come attached to a spouse?
Hank came from the magical cat alleyway, which went from the cat colony's garden to the street. And 4 years later, Poly showed up from the same alley. Frankie came from a shelter.

3. What do you consider your cat's quirkiest habit?
Poly has a blog. also, she hisses at everyone, even people she knows. Hank has a gambling problem and likes noogies, and Frankie invents new allergies for people. He left a mark on me today that looked like a TB test.

4. How did your cats end up with their human names?
Poly is a polydactyl, altho I tried out Macy Grey first, and Lizzie Grubman, but who remembers Lizzie Grubman? I also wanted to call her Edwige Dandicat, but my BF at the time had bad connotations for the name Edwige. Henrey was pretty much a Henrey, altho at first it was Henri. He has a tux, he's pretty fancy. It became Henrey when I went on some name website and adjusted the spelling of his name so he'd be healthy and happy. Frank was Bolek at the shelter (that was his name from his original people, who had to go back to Poland), then we named him Lech after Lech Walesa, but that involved too much explaining. Then he became Frank Black after Black Francis. Now he's pretty much Frankie Knuckles. That's his hiphop name.
cisforcorrie on February 24th, 2007 01:53 am (UTC)
My female kitty was a world champion hisser, my friends actually nicknamed her Miss Hiss the Bitch.

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